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We received 30+ applications. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to register their interest. 


Congratulations to our 2024 New Zealand Land and Groundwater Committee, Associate Committee and Emerging Professionals Sub-Committee Members!


Role: Is responsible for the overall development of the Program, including defining key themes and streams. The Committee will review and endorse recommendations from the Associate Committee to source expertise and seek assistance in the delivery of actions. The Committee will be required to liaise with the SIGs to determine the level of interest in participating in the Conference.

Barton Bauzon, Principal Specialist - Closed Landfills, Auckland Council

Craig Cowper, Technical Director ‑ Environment, Alliance

Edward Richardson, Senior Environmental Scientist, WSP New Zealand Ltd

Hannah Wood, Associate Environmental Scientist - Contaminated Land, Jacobs

Isobel Stout, Service Leader - Environmental Science, Pattle Delamore Partners

Kim Harrison, Key Account Manager, Hill Labs

Mark Ballard, Technical Services Leader, GHD Ltd

Martin Robertson, Environmental Manager, Z Energy

Simon Hunt, Owner and Technical Director, EHS Support

Siobhan Lloyd, Environmental Management Consultant, SLR Consulting

Susie Humphrey, Service Leader - Contaminated Land, Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd

Associate Committee

Role: To support the Committee and Sub-Committee by championing key actions such as providing input to specific areas of the program, reviewing abstracts, chairing sessions during the conference, sourcing local speakers, etc.

Ben Keet, Director, K8 Ltd

Lisa Bond, Principal Environmental Consultant, WSP New Zealand Ltd

Matt Ryan, Senior Environmental Geologist, Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd

Remalia Wallis, Environment Team Leader, BTW Company Ltd

Simone Glassom, Auckland Council  

Sven Hoffmann, Principal, Environmental, Earth Sciences International

Tom Wilson, Environmental Consultant, Sephira Environmental Limited

Emerging Professionals Sub-Committee

Role: To focus on the Early Career Professional stream of the conference and look for opportunities for a high level of engagement with this part of the industry, through activities. 


Anna Kostiuk-Warren, Environmental Scientist, Beca Ltd

Jessica Green, Environmental Scientist, Beca Ltd

Julia O'Brien, Environmental Geoscience Consultant, Tonkin and Taylor

Kate Murray, Senior Associate Environmental Consultant, Jacobs

Maryam Roshan Mooshaee, PhD student, University of Auckland

Your Opinion Matters!

What do you want to hear about at the Land and Groundwater Conference in Auckland, 22 - 24 October 2024? 


Your ideas will help to inform the newly elected committee in shaping the themes and topics for the conference.


Please take just a few minutes to answer this survey (less than 5 minutes).

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